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We carry out projects for the Implementation, Updating and Improvement of IT Solutions (ERP, TMS, WMS, MES, etc.), integrating people, processes, technologies and best practices, in order to achieve the Digital Transformation of Businesses.​



We outsource our Specialist Consultants in various IT Platforms and Practices, leaving the management and monitoring of the Consultant in charge of the client, but with the support of a MILLO Coordinator to resolve any situation.


Mesa de Servicio.jpg

Cells of Consultants specialized in various Platforms and IT Practices dedicated to providing support to our clients through Service Policies and SLA`s agreements.

Service Desk


We carry out consultancies, audits and evaluations, in order to obtain diagnoses of the state of processes, technologies and security and execution of projects; and comparative evaluations of solutions and products.



Tailor-made training, in various Platforms and Practices in order to strengthen the Information Technology areas of our clients.


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Custom development in various platforms and programming languages (ABAP, SAP UI5, JAVA, HTML5, .NET, XAMARIN, PYTHON) to create Programs, Applications and Web Portals for the purposes required by our clients.

Software development

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