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SAP BusinessOne

A customizable and complete solution

What is BusinessOne?

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SAP Business One is a single, integrated solution that provides complete visibility into your entire business and complete control over every aspect of your operations. It collects the most important business information and allows it to be accessed and used by the entire company. Unlike the accounting spreadsheets that we already know.

Every company is different and that is why SAP Business One is designed to be flexible. Either through a local implementation On-Premise  or in the Cloud Cloud you can access from anywhere and mobile device. On the other hand, because SAP Business One works on both the SAP HANA and Microsoft SQL platforms , you can choose which one best suits your business.

In addition, your employees will be able to start using it from day one. As your business grows, you can customize and extend SAP Business One to meet your ever-changing needs.

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Why implement SAP Business One ?

As your business changes, having a strong foundation is essential.

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It's time to go digital

  • Make the right business decisions at the right time, with access to real-time information.

  • Automate business processes to increase productivity.

your business is growing

  • Your business is growing rapidly, and its needs are outpacing the current capabilities of the system you use.

  • As the business grows, you need to put best practice processes in place.

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you are expanding

  • If you're looking to expand into new markets, you need business software that enables you, not hinders you.

  • Enable your subsidiary network to harmonize business and intercompany processes.

Work hand in hand with SAP Business One, the Intelligent ERP:

Competitive advantage


  • Stand out in the global economy by implementing a robust business process, allowing you to adapt to market changes and anticipate business trends.

Connect business functions


  • Your entire business will run more smoothly by touching all areas of the business through collaboration across departments in the organization.

Easy data access


  • Analytics and reports help you stay informed about your business to make decisions based on real-time data insights.

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Stay focused on running your business!


SAP Business One was designed to meet the needs of growing small and medium-sized businesses. 

Whatever type of business you have, we will be with you.

The SAP Business One application offers you an affordable way to manage your entire business: from finance and accounting, purchasing, inventory, sales, customer relations, project management, to operations and human resources. .

SAP Business One helps you streamline processes and gain insights about your business so you can act faster and make smart decisions in real time, helping you drive profitable growth.

SAP Business One modules 

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Financial management

SAP BusinessOne provides a complete range of tools to help you manage and optimize your financial operations. You'll be able to automate everyday accounting tasks, such as maintaining journal and ledger entries, performing tax calculations, and enabling multi-currency transactions.

You will be able to carry out all your banking activities, including processing payments and bank statements, as well as account reconciliation. You'll also be able to manage cash flow, track budgets, and compare actuals to planned data to check the status of your business at any time.

Accounting – Automatically manage all accounting processes, such as journal entries, vendor and receivable accounting.

Control – more accurately manage your cash flow, track fixed assets, control budgets and monitor project costs.

Simplification – manage your fixed assets; the virtual fixed assets function allows you to avoid the manual entry of repetitive data.

Banking and Reconciliation – Quickly process reconciliations, bank statements, and payments using a variety of methods, including checks, cash, and wire transfers.

Financial reporting and analysis – Generate standard or custom reports from real-time data for business planning and audit review.

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Sales and customer management

Acquiring new customers is an important phase of success, but maximizing your customer relationships is just as critical. SAP Business One puts at your disposal the necessary tools to help you effectively manage the entire sales process and the customer life cycle: from the initial contact to the final sale, not forgetting the after sales service and support.


Its integrated functionality provides a complete view of your current and potential customers, in order to gain a better understanding of them and to be able to satisfy their needs.

As a result, you'll be able to convert your leads into customers, increase sales and profitability, and improve customer satisfaction.

Sales and Opportunity Management – Track your activities and opportunities from first contact to deal closure.

Management of marketing campaigns create, manage and analyze your marketing activities.

Customer Management – Store all essential customer data in one place and sync and manage customer contacts stored in Microsoft Outlook.

Benefits management – manage service contracts and
warranty efficiently, and quickly record and respond to
service calls.

Reporting and analysis – create detailed reports on
all areas of the sales process, including sales forecasting and pipeline tracking, using a variety of time-saving templates.

Mobilize your sales team – manage your sales information from anywhere with the SAP Business One Sales mobile app.

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Purchase and Inventory Control

All growing businesses need a consistent approach to managing their procurement processes, from requesting vendor quotes to creating purchase requisitions and paying vendors.

SAP Business One helps you manage the entire order-to-pay cycle, including receipts, invoices, returns, and payments.

Built-in reporting tools let you easily compare vendors and prices to negotiate better deals and identify opportunities for cost savings.

Procurement – create purchase requisitions, purchase orders and goods receipts; link purchasing documents and view document records for audit purposes; and manage returns, supplementary expenses and different currencies.

Master Data Management – Manage granular data in an intuitive interface, view account balance and purchasing analytics, and maintain detailed item procurement information, along with price list and tax information.

Account and warehouse integration – get real-time synchronization of your goods receipt and warehouse inventory levels.

Process supplier invoices - you will be able to make cancellations and credit notes using an order reference; plan your material requirements and schedule your purchases accordingly.

Easier, more up-to-date reporting – Generate reports based on real-time data and view them in different formats or dashboards.

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production planning

SAP Business One provides detailed information about inbound and outbound shipments, inventories, and item locations.


You will be able to value your inventory using the calculation of standard costs, the moving average and the FIFO method, among others; monitor your stock levels and track transfers in real time.

It will also be able to run real-time inventory updates and availability checks, as well as handle standard and special pricing.

You'll also be able to apply volume, prompt payment, or customer discounts, and create reports that reveal their impact.

Warehouse and inventory management – manage your inventory using different costing models, maintain item master data, and use different pricing and measurement units.

Location management – manage your stock in different warehouses by dividing them into different sub-zones; establish allocation rules, optimize stock movement and reduce picking times.

Control of entry and exit of goods – record the entry and exit of goods; track stock locations and transfers; allow consignment, direct delivery and other types of orders; and perform standard and cycle inventories.

Production and Material Requirements Planning – Create and maintain multi-level BOMs, issue and release production orders manually or by backflushing, and update BOM prices.

Efficient reporting – Generate reports based on up-to-date data and view them in different formats or dashboards.

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business intelligence

SAP Business One provides powerful reporting and analysis tools. It comes with a fully integrated, complementary version of SAP Crystal Reports , allowing you to collect data from multiple sources and generate accurate, up-to-date reports based on data from across the enterprise. The SAP Crystal Reports solution, integrated with Microsoft Office, allows you to choose from a variety of report formats and control access to the information displayed.

With optional analytics based on the SAP HANA platform, SAP Business One leverages In-Memory computing technology for reporting and analytics.


You'll get real-time access to pre-built reports and dashboards, as well as productivity tools to support decision making. You'll be able to tailor your forms and queries to meet specific requirements without the need for technical training.

You can also configure settings to define exchange rates, set authorization parameters, and create internal mail, email, and data import/export capabilities.

Report creation and customization – you can access your data from different sources, create new reports and customize existing ones using different designs and with minimal expense.

Interactive Analytics – Use the capabilities of MS Excel to generate reports and view your business from new angles.

Intuitive Tools – You'll have drag, link, drill down, search assists, and workflow-based alerts.

Predefined key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytics to help you visualize average days of delivery variance and the top five performing sales associates.

Enhance your reporting with powerful visualizations by integrating SAP Lumira for SAP Business One.

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Analysis and generation of reports

SAP Business One empowers your employees to make smart, informed decisions faster by collecting the most important information from sales, operations, finance, and customers and making it instantly available throughout the company.


By integrating this data into a single system, rather than in separate, disconnected spreadsheets, duplicate data entry and related costs and errors are eliminated.


Workflow-based alerts trigger automated responses whenever critical business events occur, allowing you to focus on the events that matter most.

You'll have full visibility into how your business is performing and have greater confidence in the information used to make decisions.

Thanks to the integrated solution SAP Crystal Reports for Business
, you will be able to create reports and dashboards that provide information from all business areas. Intuitive, interactive, drill-down functionality will help you answer the most pressing questions. Employees will be able to address customer needs more quickly, and managers will be able to accurately track revenue, costs, and cash flow to assess performance and take corrective action as needed.


For even faster access to information, SAP HANA for SAP Business One version provides powerful real-time analytics that make it easy for users to find information in SAP Business One and create standard and detailed reports at the same time. moment.

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Industries you work in
SAP BusinessOne 

Take advantage of the broad industry capabilities, best practices, and processes built into SAP Business One. Plus, you can extend SAP Business One as your business grows to meet your company and industry-specific challenges using SAP Business One studio, the software development kit. or any of the 500+ plugins available.

Consumer products

Adapt all the details of your operations to the needs of the consumer thanks to SAP Business One for the consumer goods industry.


Anticipate, plan and manage demand, while offering the products and consumer goods that buyers want.


Meet customer demand and develop new revenue streams with SAP Business One for Industrial Manufacturing .


Reduce supply chain costs, speed cycle times, minimize rejects and alterations, and ultimately speed time to value.

Wholesale Distribution

Meet customer and supplier expectations with SAP Business One for wholesale distribution .


Enhance the entire process, from demand planning to inventory and supply chain management, and run flexible, highly integrated processes to achieve operational excellence.

Professional services

Deliver consistent, high-value services to your customers with SAP Business One software for professional services and consulting firms .


Establish a repeatable process for service delivery and improve resource planning, project management, billing, and more.

Retail commerce

Give your consumers the products, information, and shopping experiences they want from any channel with SAP Business One for Retail .


Take full advantage of real-time information about your customers and orders, interact with your buyers and optimize the entire process, from merchandising to the supply chain.

What are the options to implement
SAP BusinessOne ? 

There is a SAP Business One that fits your business today, tomorrow and in the future.

On premise.jpg

on premise

will be able to implant SAP Business One in your office if you wish.


We have different implementation solutions that adapt to all the needs of our clients.



You will be able to implement SAP Business One Cloud for a monthly license fee.


In this way, when your company grows, the SAP Business One solution will grow with it.

Benefits of SAP Business One On Premise

  • Compliance with internal data security policies

  • Direct control and data access, allowing flexibility to local reporting accesses

  • Improves the ability to customize and extend business processes

  • Take full advantage of existing internal hardware, infrastructure and IT resources

  • permanent license

  • Less dependence on the Internet you will always be connected

Benefits of SAP Business One Cloud

  • Easy and affordable implementation

  • Secure browser-based access from anywhere, anytime


  • Access the latest functionality without having to use it, rely on internal IT resources to maintain the solution


  • Subscription licenses that avoid capital expenses and allow flexibility in operating expenses


  • Manage your most critical business functions in your web browser.


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recent achievements

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Configuration of SAP Extended Warehousing Management installed in the Oracle ERP System.

Main functions of
SAP BusinessOne 

Funciones SAP Business One
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denying  myths about SAP Business One

Who said that SAP Business One is...?

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it's too expensive  

SAP BusinessOne  it was designed to be affordable for small businesses. It is a complete application, which covers the needs of all your departments in a single solution and has a low cost of ownership.

It offers many services, yes, but SAP Business One is flexible and can be modularized with more than 500 add-ons adapted to each sector or special functions. In addition, you will have our team that will assist you wherever you are.

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too complex 

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too hard to  implement

Its implementation is quick and easy: you can be fully operational in a few days or weeks. It is already used by more than 65,000 companies and is implemented in more than 150 countries.

Get more information about SAP Business One

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