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SAP Extended Warehouse Management

What is  SAP Extended Wagehouse Management ?

A solution that will allow the rotation of products with an order of entry and exit supervised from the cloud. You will be able to manage volume of goods, inventories and stock at different stages within the supply chain.

SAP EWM Functions

  • Optimization in output processes: Pick-In, packaging and shipments.

  • Stock control.

  • Control of storage and internal processes, inventories and cyclical processes within the warehouses.

  • Batch management with serial number and weight data capture.

  • Material Flow Optimization

  • Workforce and services management.

  • Cross docking.

Do you want to know more details about SAP EWM ?

Characteristic  from  SAP EWM

Warehouse and Operations Management

  • Lot tracking in various locations in real time.


  • Management of changes or cancellations of delivery handled by customers.


  • Consolidation of stock units, advanced monitoring configuration.

Storage Life Cycle

  • Streamline receiving processes with direct inputs from production and shipping notifications.


  • Gives access to information and visibility of stock and physical inventories.


  • Programming of withdrawals, packaging and shipments.


  • Management of batches, serial numbers and weight.

Supply chain management

  • It offers greater transparency and stock control focused on inventories, entry and exit processes, merchandise movements and report generation.

  • Optimizes material flow control, warehouse management, workforce and cross-docking.

SAP EWM  is compatible with third-party software 

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and others.

Ask about compatibility in your ERP.

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