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Nokia E72 Rm 530 Firmware 091.004 quynrie




Hello dear friends! In this article you will find: nokia e72 rm 530 firmware 091.004 Here you will find the instruction on how to download and update your Nokia E72 to the latest firmware version 091.004. This firmware version comes directly from OVI store as an update from firmware version 091.002. You can find more info here on the official OVI site. UPDATE: On Dec 9, 2017, OVI has updated this new firmware version. You can check the full list of changes here. Your comments and corrections are welcome! You can use this method to downgrade to this firmware version. Firmware version 091.004 Use this method to update your device. Firmware version 091.004 for Nokia E72 includes the following changes: Handsfree and video functions: handsfree audio, microphone, video functions. Data cable charging through the charging connector of the Nokia E72, with 1A minimum current. Fixed bug on the loss of network after the factory reset. Fixed the issue with Bluetooth not working after the update of the firmware. Fixed the issue with Bluetooth not working in specified conditions (for example in paging mode). New quick dial system. New dialer for callers, subscribers, message, alarm, and simcard: new quick dial system helps to reduce the length of the time for inputting the number of the called number. You can customize the dialing system, with a key of your choice. You can specify that the phone will call automatically when the SIM card is activated or when the pager is activated. You can specify the list of contacts for which you want to automatically call. You can change the ringtone and vibration. You can specify the vibration in only one side of the mobile phone. You can set the vibration for all incoming calls. You can set the notification interval (time between each alert), you can also change the notification type: a flash, a pop-up, a vibrate, and an “all” mode. One of the most important features is the new dialer for the SIM card. You can enter the number for SMS, call, data, MMS, and dial for operator. You can add a phone number or a contact (address book). You can specify your phone number. You can activate the phone number of the SIM card by PIN code, by the security code of the SIM card




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Nokia E72 Rm 530 Firmware 091.004 quynrie

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