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SAP Transportation Management

What is  SAP Transport Management ?

It is a solution that optimizes freight, fleet and logistics management with the help of Smart Technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things) and Blockchain . This technology provides end-to-end visibility into the flow of merchandise in real time and will aid decision-making.

SAPTMS Features

  • Optimization of freight purchases with analysis, projections and advanced simulations

  • Synchronization of sales with the order schedule in real time.

  • Visualization of the planning of the cargo space of the vehicles.

  • Automation of freight documents and truck information.

  • Accurate freight cost allocation on orders.

  • Workforce and services management.

  • Flexible reporting for all areas of transportation.

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Benefits of  SAPTMS

Cash flow optimization

  • Accuracy in the preparation of costs and liquidation of materials.


  • Automatic generation of collections with audits and monitoring of extra charges.


  • Improve cost allocations.

  • Self-billing

Automation of transport operations and processes

  • Unified transportation platform.


  • Centralized data and rate management.


  • Programming of withdrawals, packaging and shipments.


  • Management of batches, serial numbers and weight.

Advanced Analytics

  • Faster and smarter business decisions.

  • Optimization and speed in obtaining information.

  • Data Difficulty Reduction

Companies using SAP TMS 

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